1968 The Beginning

1968 The Beginning

Well hello there, I am Al Clayton and I play acoustic guitar, piano, and love to sing. My love for singing was developed as a kid in the children’s choir at church. Music has been the driving force in my Life ever since!  The oldest of 5 boys from a small South Georgia town, a loving musical family, and a neighborhood filled with children who played outdoors all day long with reckless abandon. We wandered from sunrise to sunset without our parents ever knowing where we were or what mischief we might be creating. Bicycles, BB guns, Homemade Slingshots, always barefooted..it was a Huck Finn kinda childhood!

A family move to Oklahoma after High School led to a deeper appreciation for this vast country and love of the culture of the Wild West, Horses, Cowboys, and Wide Open Spaces.

My first live concert experience was with the Beatles in Atlanta in 1965 and I will never forget the time or experience. Neil Young has had a strong influence on my desire to play and perform as well. My nickname is Major 7th which to me are the sweetest chords in Music. Over the years, I have played with and been associated with many talented musicians and bands, however currently I play mostly as a Solo Artist.

Twenty years ago I decided to try my hand at writing my own songs. I found out quickly it is difficult to choose words, marry them with a melody, and do it well enough for people to pay you for or listen to the finished composition.

My 1st CD “Today’s Beginnings Tomorrow’s Past” was released in 2007 with a back roads mostly Country Theme.

I have recently completed my 2nd CD “Guitars, Guns, and Girls”..Ballads, Blues, and a pinch of Southern Rock.. this is my best collection of melodies to date. I truly hope that you enjoy my Music cause Music for me is a hard habit to Kick!

Tricia you are the “Love of my Life” and “Skin Touching Skin” is my Tribute to you. Love, Hugs, and the Best of Life in Harmony to All.